I am a multidisciplinary designer and art director working in New York. 
I am a global citizen, a dot connector, and a creative thinker, who has built brands, marketing strategies andinnovation ideas all around the world in categories as diverse as  automotive, finance, health care, home appliances, telecom, sports, snacks, and spirits.

My greatest passion is to connect the dots, tell stories, make things, and build global brands by applying what I learn about people and culture to design thinking. I believe that design thinking can help brands define their existence to inspire a creative mindset that influences everything from strategy and product development to branding and advertising in the online and offline worlds.

I specialize in concept design, story-boarding, video direction for TV, print and digital; branding, typography and art direction. I work for a wide variety of show packaging and campaigns at CBS Sports Network.



New York, NY

isildoneray at gmail dot com